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Aestheticar — Past, Present & Future

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Delivering Perfection and Value

Founded in January 2014, Aestheticar has built up a growing reputation as a trusted detailer to our valued customers. We specialize in providing top-notch services to super cars including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes AMG and Porsche, as well as classic cars from Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

With a team of professional groomers with more than 10 years of grooming experience, we strive to provide the best quality grooming for your car. Offering the best quality products from Japan, Switzerland and the UK, our groomers ensure that your car receives the best professional care. Whether it is just a wash or the complete pampering package, we ensure customer satisfaction always.

A unique proposition is the personalized transportation for our customers who come for our detailing service. Just bring your car down to our facility and we will provide two-way transportation for our customers’ convenience.

Aestheticar is not a franchise business; we are not bound by product or licensing restrictions. Our clients benefit as they are not locked into any single product and can choose from a premium range of products in the Aestheticar arsenal. We offer personalized service which we are confident makes us stand out from the competition. Our comprehensive range of services is individually tailored to suit your car and most importantly, our customers. Services include professional detailing, paint enhancement and correction, and maintenance detail packages, using top-of-the-range products including CQUARTZ Finest Ceramic Paint Coating and Swissvax’s Crystal Rock.

  • Official sponsor for SCCS (Sports Car Club Singapore) 2015 – 1016.
  • Previous collaborations include an event with ExotiCars Club held at W hotel in September 2015