Cquartz Regular

An evolution in ceramic nanotech paint coatings


Cquartz Finest is designed specifically for those with discerning taste for exceedingly rich and glossy finish. Its long-term protection and resistance to environmental factors such as dirt, dust, bird droppings and contaminants ensure that your paintwork is kept in tip-top condition always. Another important feature in keeping your car clean is the impressive ability of the protective layer to release water. Cquartz Finest features an industry-leading low sliding angle which allows water drops to release easily, resulting in a hydrophobic “self-cleaning” effect.

Unlike other coatings, Cquartz Finest cannot be purchased on the open market and is installed by only Car Pro Authorized Cquartz Finest Installers who are skillful enough to polish your paint to the highest level before protecting it with the product. Originating from Japan, Cquartz Finest is the most exclusive coating available worldwide, offering a warranty which guarantees the coating will not bubble, yellow, peel, oxidize for a longer period of time. View the video here.



•  Car Wash Spa

• Superior Body Cleanser with Claying

• Surface Paint Correction – Removal of scratches, swirl marks, water marks and etc.

• Headlight Polishing

• Rim Cleaning and Tyre dressing

• Exhaust and tyre shine

• Door shut lining

• Engine Bay Cleaning

• Application of Cquartz Regular on Paintwork


• Interior Vacuum

• Interior Clean and Wipe down with Leather Cleaner

• Detailing of interior – Dashboard, steering wheel etc

• Glass Cleaning